A Preventive Multi-agent based Policy for Distributed Hardware Resource Balancing


  • A. Benaouda Departement of Computer Science, Ferhat Abbas University Setif I, Algeria
  • N. Benaouda Departement of Computer Science, Ferhat Abbas University Setif I, Algeria


The success of a business, especially a multi-site extended enterprise, depends on the good management of all its distributed resources. It is difficult for a company to be successful if it does not have a reliable and optimal management of resources by avoiding overstocking of certain resources on a site Sitem E, and at the same time, the sub-storing of the same resources on another site Sitep E. In both cases, there is a lack of profit. In this paper, we will try to resolve this situation, by the proposal of an architecture based on the cooperative multi-agent systems paradigm combined with the Contract-Net protocol. We bring in an intelligent agent whose role is to warn in advance and for each item itemiSitem, the coming of breakdowns and stock excesses by balancing the level of inter-site availability by a flow of resources of the same itemi by calling on the other E sites whose levels are in over-storage or under-storage.


resource-balancing, multi-agent, flux-resource management


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