Clarivate JCI Quartile Ranking (Q ranking) for ETASR: Q2

11 September 2023

Clarivate has informed us that the our current quartile ranking for "Engineering, Technology & Applied Science Research" based on the Clarivate Journal Citation Indicator (JCI) is Q2.

JCI is an alternative to JIF metric introduced by Clarivate in 2019 designed to represent the relative citation impact of a journal compared to a global baseline normalized per scientific field. The relative citation impact of each published paper is calculated compared to a global baseline for papers in that subject/field. The mean value for all papers published over the last three years provides the Journal Citation Indicator.

Note that journals that have received a Clarivate Journal Impact Factor (JIF) for the first time in June 2023 (like ETASR did), do not receive ranks, quartiles, or percentiles based on JIF until the release of 2023 data in June 2024. However, since ETASR has been awarded a JCI since 2019, Clarivate provides the rank and percentile (quartile) based on JCI.