05 October 2022

We will be bringing forward a new template (effective after 2023).
We have tried to incorporate several minor fixes in this new template based on community feedback and our own experience.

Most notably:
- The author section is single column with authors appearing one under the other.
- The first name of authors is no longer abbreviated.
- The title, subtitle, authors and affiliation fields are left-aligned
- The affiliations fiels is now the same font size with the authors field but the authors field uses bold fonts.
- A statement regarding the use of diacritics in title, abstract and author fields has been added.
- Equations are now fully justified.
- Section titles and table headers styles now use "All caps" (instead of small caps).
- We have added a new style for computer code segments that uses a fixed width font.

If you are interested in providing feedback regarding our new template you can download it here.