Condenser Pressure Influence on Ideal Steam Rankine Power Vapor Cycle using the Python Extension Package Cantera for Thermodynamics


  • Osama A. Marzouk College of Engineering, University of Buraimi, Sultanate of Oman
Volume: 14 | Issue: 3 | Pages: 14069-14078 | June 2024 |


This study investigates the Rankine vapor power thermodynamic cycle using steam/water as the working fluid, which is common in commercial power plants for power generation as the source of the rotary shaft power needed to drive electric generators. The four-process cycle version, which comprises a water pump section, a boiler/superheater section, a steam turbine section, and a condenser section, was considered. The performance of this thermodynamic power cycle depends on several design parameters. This study varied a single independent variable, the absolute pressure of the condenser, by a factor of 256, from 0.78125 to 200 kPa. The peak pressure and peak temperature in the cycle were fixed at 50 bar (5,000 kPa) and 600°C, respectively, corresponding to a base case with a base value for the condenser's absolute pressure of 12.5 kPa (0.125 bar). The analysis was performed using the thermodynamics software package Cantera as an extension of the Python programming language. The results suggest that over the range of condenser pressures examined, a logarithmic function can be deployed to describe the dependence of input heat, the net output work, and cycle efficiency on the absolute pressure of the condenser. Each of these three performance metrics decreases as the absolute pressure of the condenser increases. However, a power function is a better choice to describe how the steam dryness (steam quality) at the end of the turbine section increases as the absolute pressure of the condenser rises.


Rankine, condenser, pressure, steam, Cantera


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