A Novel Drone-based Search and Rescue System using Bluetooth Low Energy Technology


  • A. Hashmi Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Drones are widely known for their mobility and ease of use and represent a significant technological breakthrough with various applications. In this paper, a novel inexpensive Search and Rescue (SAR)-based approach for application in indoor environments is presented. The usage of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) has been evaluated with respect to other technologies and a conceptual view of the complete setup has been presented. Besides the cost of the drone and the locator devices, the other hardware is relatively inexpensive costing only a fraction of a US dollar. The system is believed to cover a wide area in a small-time frame ranging a few minutes, for instance, a 3600m2 surface area could be scanned in less than 5 minutes. The system is tested by attaching a BLE device in the payload to evaluate the presence of target beacons. Potential upgrades in the system are also proposed, including design modifications for outdoor use and the application in locating missing objects. This system can confidently replace search parties dealing with missing children in public places or venues, with minimal human interaction while bearing the potential for complete automation.


BLE, wearable electronics, UAVs, localization


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