Flash Flood Risk Assessment for Girne Region, Northern Cyprus


  • Y. Kassem Department of Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Near East University, Cyprus
  • H. Gökçekuş Department of Civil Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty, Near East University, Cyprus
  • N. Alijl Department of Civil Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty, Near East University, Cyprus


Girne region is in the northern part of Northern Cyprus which is environmentally fragile and susceptible to natural disasters. Flash floods are a major problem in the region due to the heavy and torrential rainfalls in its urban environment. Therefore, this study aims to assess the flash flood risk for the Girne region, using the Geographic Information System (GIS). A mitigation flood risk plan is proposed and applied to the case study of the Girne region. The flood risk matrix is proposed based on the occurrence probability of the flood and the associated inundation depth. The risk matrix criterion was classified according to the degree of risks as high, moderate, and low. Five thematic maps affecting flood occurrences, including slope, elevation, land use, peak discharge, and flow accumulation, were classified to generate flood hazard maps. The results of the estimation of the magnitude of the inundation areas that can assess the degree of damage and its economic aspects are presented graphically. The developed flood risk matrix tool is a quantitative tool to assess damage and is essential for decision-makers.


Flash flood, Girne, Northern Cyprus, GIS, flood risk matrix


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