Stochastic Buckling Analysis of Non-Uniform Columns Using Stochastic Finite Elements with Discretization Random Field by the Point Method


  • D. T. Hang University of Transport and Communications, Vietnam
  • X. T. Nguyen University of Transport and Communications, Vietnam
  • D. N. Tien Hanoi Architectural University, Vietnam


This study examined the discretization random field of the elastic modulus by a point method to develop a stochastic finite element method for the stochastic buckling of a non-uniform column. The formulation of stochastic analysis of a non-uniform column was constructed using the perturbation method in conjunction with the finite element method. The spectral representation was used to generate a random field to employ the Monte Carlo simulation for validation with a stochastic finite element approach. The results of the stochastic buckling problem of non-uniform columns with the random field of elastic modulus by comparing the first-order perturbation technique were in good agreement with those obtained from the Monte Carlo simulation. The numerical results showed that the response of the coefficient of variation of critical loads increased when the ratio of the correlation distance of the random field increased.


non-uniform column, buckling, stochastic FEM, spectral representation, random field


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